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Published on April 2021

Real estate sales and marketing agency launches in Vancouver


APRIL 29, 2021

New agency says it “represents the changing guard of real estate marketing in Vancouver”

A new real estate sales and marketing agency has launched in British Columbia.

Pre-construction residential and condominium sales company Baker Real Estate Inc. and parent company Peerage Realty Partners have announced the launch of BakerWest to service the Vancouver market.

In a statement, Baker Real Estate said that the new agency “represents the changing guard of real estate marketing in Vancouver and will provide local developers with the competitive advantage of highly targeted, data-based marketing strategies, along with enhanced distribution capabilities tailored to existing and emerging demand for Vancouver homes.”

Industry veteran Jacky Chan, who will serve as the president of BakerWest, said that the new agency will be able to “to fully leverage Baker’s resources to provide developers with bespoke strategies required to maximize sales and revenues.”

“Over 25 years we’ve sold more than 100,000 condominiums in Toronto and Montreal,” said Barbara Lawlor, chief executive officer of Baker Real Estate “We deeply believe in the Vancouver market and are delighted to have an opportunity to partner locally with Jacky Chan and his team.

“Through our family of premium brands, we understand the importance of investing in the top people in markets that have the most potential for growth,” said Gavin Swartzman, CEO of Peerage Realty Partners. “Peerage is confident in the future of the BC market and looks forward to playing an increasing role providing buyers, sellers and developers with the expertise, service and trusted advice to optimize their results.”

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